The Dream  

The project derives from the Wallevik family's fundamental wish to participate in the process of developing the potential that they saw in Ghana. Further to the dream of developing potential, the Wallevik family have in 2014 established the Helle and Paul Wallevik Foundation, the initial purpose of which is to establish Mim Technical Academy.

The establishment of Mim Technical Academy started in the summer of 2014 and initial funding of USD 500,000.00 from the Helle and Paul Wallevik foundation has been allocated. The project has already received significant goodwill, interest and support. There remains much work to be done, and we are working on the recruiting process now, ensuring that we contract with the most qualified candidates to assume teaching positions at the academy. A site proposal has been prepared by the Paramount Chief of Mim, Omanhene Nana Adjei II, and cooperation and alliances have been established with various renowned institutions. We will continuously be seeking partnerships and alliances, to enable the school to develop and aspire to greatness. Our goal is to inaugurate the school in the summer of 2015. 


The school will be a school for youths from the age of 18 and it is our mission to make it the best technical school in Ghana, raising the bar for the level of ambition of young Ghanaians. To do this, we will be working with the Cambridge International Examination program in math and english, creating a high level of ambition and knowledge as an academic basis for our students. We will work with a stringent value set, developing not only knowledge, but also attitude and personal initiative. A new Danish Tech standard will also be applied to the curriculum, giving the students the very best elements of a European technical education. Our primary goal is to provide two fundamental technical educations: Farming and Electrician. These vocations are highly necessary in Ghana, hopefully allowing students to be able to continue their level of ambition in the work market after they have graduated. 

Part of our philosophy is that, upon graduating,  each student will be required to dedicate one year to giving back to the school and helping new, young students achieve the goals that they themselves have reached. This is to strengthen each individual's perspective on social responsibility, demonstrating how giving back in fact makes a profound difference to oneself and others.  It is furthermore our goal to provide self-starter programs for those who wish to become independent craftsmen upon graduating, thus helping to make it possible for our alumni to realistically accomplish their dreams and aspirations.

Our school will be committed to the philosophy of giving back, encouraging each individual student to maintain a vigilant focus on sustainability and responsibility. We believe that the sky is indeed the limit, for those who persevere. We wish to promote this way of thinking to the youth of Ghana, enabling the possibility to positively develop their own individual futures, as part of a larger whole. To us, knowledge is power, and we wish to empower the coming generations, and inspire them to reach for the stars. Our wish is that Mim Technical Academy will become a leading example of great cooperation between public and private institutions and organizations, with an international perspective.  

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